Making Plans For Change

Carolyn McBride
1 min readFeb 17, 2023

I wanted to let you know that I’m taking steps to leave Medium.

It’s no longer financially logical to keep throwing my money at a corporation that isn’t just helping me get ahead (and therefore make more money off me), but that is actively diverting eyeballs from my content to another. I’ve been here long enough to witness the Medium algorithm make changes that don’t make any sense, and certainly don’t encourage writers to stay and contribute smart, informative content. In fact, what seems to be popular is not at all what I write.

That being said, “Brace Yourself” has been running happily over on Substack for long enough for me to realize that the newsletter will be more successful there than here on Medium.

For you, the benefit is that Substack is, at its most basic, free. You aren’t supporting a platform, but a writer and their content.

This is good for you, and for Brace Yourself.

I have plans for this newsletter that include consistent posting of helpful, informative, and monthly in-depth articles that I hope will help all of us increase our self-sufficiency and personal reliance. I can do this better if I’m not throwing my money at a platform that doesn’t care whether I succeed or not.

My recommendation is to pop over to where your support is encouraged and appreciated.

Thank you



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