10 Story Ideas To Help You Write

Carolyn McBride
2 min readDec 16, 2022


If writing fantasy is your jam…

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  • You’ve been invited to the home of a retired Warrior-for-hire for lunch. Before you sit down to eat, your host takes you on a tour of their home. Describe some of their trophies and spoils from their glory days. How did they get those?
  • A wizard with PTSD has been hiding away from the world. Write their diary.
  • A Fairy Godmother is not what she seems — she’s tattooed, wise-cracking and street-wise and she’s come to save her charge.
  • Cinderella meets Red Riding Hood and they go off to vanquish a bad guy
  • The color of her blood was the least of my worries…
  • A person can partially manifest in another dimension, where she is a child’s ‘imaginary friend’
  • The main character realizes she is the incarnation of an ancient God
  • Lightning strikes a person and leaves mysterious words or a map burned onto her or his skin.
  • A young girl starts having recurring dreams about a dragon. In one of the dreams, the dragon says, “You made me.” The girl becomes obsessed with dragons and decides her life purpose is to become a genetic biologist so she can, indeed, make a real dragon.
  • Write a story about a library that is haunted by every character that died in its books.

And a bonus because it’s nearly Christmas…

  • A new crystal shop opens near your home, and you’re one of its first customers. You even accept their offer of a part-time job, working in the back for the “finder.” What does your job entail?

I’d love to hear what you thought of these. Shout out in the comments and let me know, or share other ideas for story prompts, if you’d like.



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